16.06.18 Lace DressGrowing up, Kathleen Qiu considered becoming many things: an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor, a businessperson, a winemaker. So, she decided to keep her options open by studying both chemistry and psychology at the University of Chicago. Once in college, her ever expanding restlessness got the better of her and she joined the circus. Thus, her artistic journey began.

First teaching herself Photoshop and graphic design, she soon found her interests once again wandering. Always having a vague interest in clothing and sewing, she began designing costumes for the circus that she had joined on a whim, and upon graduating, she had a brief stint in fashion design, interning for local houses in Chicago and designing under her own brand, KatLine, before returning to the stage. She now costume designs all over the San Francisco Bay Area and attends the Academy of Art University for her MFA in costume design.

Her greatest accomplishments include successfully growing tomatoes in her patio herb garden, holding a koala in Australia, and surviving a polar plunge in Antarctica.